Network utilization and traffic on the Internet has shifted since most people are working at home and kids are home using their devices.

We are seeing an increase of virus traffic and hacking attempts. If you’re working from a home computer, make sure your patches are up to date! Any personal device connecting to a corporate network should be protected by doing this at the minimum.

-Chris Riismandel

As we move into uncharted water, I could not be prouder of the team at Epoch, Inc. In preparation of COVID-19, during the last three weeks, we have been transitioning our client base from their non-mobile office workforce to a mobile workforce.
We can only imagine what the fantastic people at companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Data Canopy have to go through during these times of unprecedented demands.
Note that Microsoft 365 is limiting non-essential capabilities to ensure the overall functions are impacted as little as possible. See above.
Please #StayAtHome to stop the spread of the virus!
-Chris Riismandel

If some or all of your company are required to work from home, can your business systems support a large telecommuting workforce?

Epoch can help your office be prepared and resilient.