A business continuity plan is key to the survival of operations if your office is affected by adverse physical conditions, such as a storm, fire or crime.

These plans explain how the business would recover its operations if disrupted by these adverse physical conditions. For example, if a fire destroys an office building or data center, the people and business or data center operations would relocate to a recovery site.

Our plans include recovering from different levels of disaster, which can be from hours to seconds, depending on the level of the event. The right plan for business will minimize the financial impact to your business.

Disaster Recovery

Most companies are changing how they store information. The new norm is digital storage.

The incentive to decrease operating costs and reduce global footprint, makes it impossible not to make the switch. Natural disasters, human error, hardware/software malfunctions, viruses and/or hackers pose major threats to your business. It may be just a matter of time before you lose your data. Are you prepared to get your data and system back online quickly and accurately without disrupting your business?

A Disaster Recovery Plan must be set in place from onset to ensure business continuity. This plan should involve all of your staff members, including management, and must be ongoing. It needs to be adaptable to change because what works today, may not tomorrow. Preparation is the key!

We offer a free technology assessment to all new clients. One of our engineers will thoroughly assess your network and pinpoint your organization’s vulnerabilities to disaster. We will provide you a complete report defining what you would need to do to ensure the safety of your business.