Out of all the certified companies, Epoch gave the most QMCS tax credits to clients in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the State of Maryland Department of Commerce has awarded Epoch, Inc. as a Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Seller.

This will allow Maryland companies the opportunity to claim up to $50,000 in tax credits, in a single tax year, for purchasing of cybersecurity technologies or services through Epoch, Inc.

All of Epoch’s solutions are built with cybersecurity in mind. With Epoch’s MSP and MSSP Plans, we provide Managed Security Services, Security Device management, Incidence Response and Vulnerability Assessments. Epoch can provide all compliance and security audit needs in achieving or navigating the regulatory requirements of PHI/PII, DFARS, FISMA, HIPPAA and the like.

The tax credit is just the start when you partner with Epoch, Inc., you also get an IT business partner. With over 22 years of experience within a full range of industries, Epoch’s Managed IT Support Services are perfect for protecting your business from cyberattacks. We appreciate the demands that you are under in the highly competitive industry and fully understand the impact that IT problems can cause to your business. Epoch’s aim is to constantly maintain a robust IT infrastructure for you that allows your business to grow and succeed.

So, don’t wait, call now and see how affordable it can be to protect your company and have all your IT needs protected.

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Maryland MEP Grant

Any Maryland company that has at least 10% of their revenue from a DOD contract may qualify for a cybersecurity grant. This grant can be used for the purchase of new technology, software or software licenses as well as paying for MSP services. The amount awarded is based solely on the size of your company.