Our mission at Epoch is to utilize a proactive, creative solutions approach.

We are committed to delivering successful, technology solutions to your industry-specific challenges in a fast and reliable manner. The success of our customers is our highest priority.

We are devoted to attracting the “best and brightest” to our team, while remaining true to our family-friendly culture. Our total focus and success is based on excellent customer service and having an open, honest business relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves on these qualities. We believe the services and solutions we provide will serve you well, now and into the future.

Epoch is a Managed Service Provider focused on solving business and technology challenges to meet your organization’s goals. Our proprietary process solves many computer issues automatically.

With over 22 years of experience within a full range of industries, Epoch’s Managed IT Support services are perfect for business.

We appreciate the demands that you are under in the highly competitive industry and fully understand the impact that IT problems can cause to your business.

Epoch’s aim is to constantly maintain a robust IT infrastructure for you that allows your business to grow and succeed. Owned and operated in Columbia, Maryland, The Epoch Team is comprised of highly-skilled technical professionals.

What We Do

Your success is our success. We achieve this through our proprietary process. Our Managed Services Plan makes Epoch your technology partner. You not only get our monitoring services and protection, but as we get to know your business and equipment better, we provide reporting, end user training, strategic planning, budget forecasting, and much more.

-Epoch People Creating Epoch Solutions