Don’t rely on “break/fix” IT

When something related to your technology systems malfunctions (“breaks”) you call someone to fix it. Managed IT service is more proactive and in-depth. Typically, an MSP (someone who provides managed services and support) installs software on your network that monitors the health and well-being of all of your technical assets. This means that your computers and servers are up to date with patching, operating system updates and protective anti-virus software. Your servers and network health are monitored 24/7 and if a problem is detected, the MSP would notify you about it and resolve the issue based on your preferred response time.

We’re working for you, even when you’re not! Epoch uses state-of-the-art remote monitoring and diagnostic tools to monitor your servers, infrastructure and personal computers…anytime, anywhere! With the managed IT services from Epoch, you can rest easy knowing we’re anticipating your every IT need:

  • Detect and resolve issues before they happen
  • Manage your infrastructure growth
  • Maximize server uptime
  • Optimize infrastructure security
  • Provide security and vulnerability auditing
  • Install, manage and update all software and hardware
  • Manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
  • Proactively seek, implement and support industry-specific technologies
  • Provide daily backup verification of servers and workstations
  • Manage firewalls with real-time firewall & web-usage monitoring
  • Provide remote access support
  • Application development including custom data reporting & metrics

Some of our popular solutions include:

  • Daily backup verification
  • Colocation & cloud support services
  • Real time anti-virus/anti-spyware monitoring
  • Application patch management
  • Server health monitoring
  • Application/services monitoring
  • Hardware/Software lifecycle management
  • Server virtualization
  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site service